Friday, May 04, 2007

It Took Canada Nearly 10 Years pass legislation that included GLBT citizens as recognizable targets of Hate Crimes.

A similar piece of legislation just passed through the House of Representatives in the States. Just as quickly, we see the oh-so-wise leader of the nation to our south Threaten to veto it if it reaches his desk.

The White House says there is no need for the expanded bill because state and local laws already cover the crimes it addresses, and there is no need for federal enforcement.

This is about the flimsiest rationale possible. Non-Federal law in the United States is highly fragmented, with some acts being offenses in one county, and perfectly legal in the next. Why should GLBT citizens have to worry about whether they are in a locale that has protections for them or not?

I'm pretty sure that Bush's rationalization here is just enough to keep his opponents from criticizing him for breaking the Church/State separation mandated by the US Constitution, and at the same time play to his base of religious hardliners who claim that such a bill will unreasonably constrain their "freedom of speech". (How the heck anyone can justify promoting hatred as "freedom of speech" is beyond my meagre ability to comprehend)

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BC WaterBoy said...

Some great posts about the absolute lies of the who's who of the religious right are circulating around.
Especially smily Tony Perkins, the guy who does't really hate gay people, he just wants to make sure when they get beat up, they don't come out of unconsiousness.
I actually think that what these organizations do is incite hate, although they have their precious little bible to fall back on as an excuse and avoid accountability. These morons would have so many human rights complaints (and rightfully so), if they were allowed to get away with this shit in Canada.