Friday, November 24, 2006

Trashing Talking Points - Another Installment

One of the more noxious assertions that the religious anti-gay lobby likes to fling about is the utterly silly notion that homosexuals are pedophiles.

Earlier this month, I mentioned Regina's own home-grown bigot, Bill Whatcott, who was being martyred by Lifesite as some kind of crusading hero for refusing to pay a fine levied for some particularly nasty literature he was distributing around the capital city of Saskatchewan.

In the Regina Leader Post today, we find this letter, which points out the idiocy of the argument so nicely:

Whatcott uses select information to promote and justify his campaign against homosexuals. He is missing the point; child molestation is a serious crime and children who have endured it should not be exploited to promote the misconceptions of homosexuals within our society.

I imagine Mr. Whatcott will find himself spending a little time behind bars before his little escapade of self-martyrdom is over.

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Anonymous said...

If we were take Whatcott's words at face value, by extrapolation, I am a pedophile and he has accused me of such. Dangerous ground for this man of faith to walk on, he has just accused an entire segment of the population of molesting children and Lifesite has aided and abetted this. It would be interesting to test this premise against the human rights act and criminal code re hate speech.