Saturday, November 25, 2006

More From The Party of "Accountable" Government

With Harper's much publicized "Accountability Act" caught in a game of political handball between the Conservative-led House of Commons and the Senate, we learn of questionable financial dealings between the CPoC and The Manning Centre for Freedom and Democracy.

Apparently, the Manning Centre has extended both "training" for CPoC MPs and a significant loan that was interest free until 2006. Arguably, both constitute a form of donation to the party, although I think that the Liberals are playing a little bit with semantics on this one.

However, the CPoC has been playing semantic games with funding issues for a long time, and are now trying to amend their own accountability act to make their own dishonesty "legitimate" in the future.

Again, Canadian voters find themselves in the awful place of having to ask just what "accountable" means in the lexicon of the Conservatives. So far, it appears to have been little more than a campaign slogan.

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