Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Smells Like Something Rotten ...

After the past couple of week's Disinformation Shenanigans at APEC, something about a letter from a "new FLQ cell" strikes me as a conveniently timed bit of fiction.

I'm sure that the letter is real enough, but coming from a government that is all too quick to try the George W. Bush tactic of "Fear and Misinformation", I can't help but imagine that this letter was engineered for a specific propaganda purpose.

The CPoC has been trying to convince Canadians that we have hoards of "terrorists" running about the nation, and we need to exercise the same level of fear-addled paranoia that has emerged in the United States.

I'm particularly suspicious of this little "news item" for a couple of other reasons - it coincides with a rather odd comment from Harper regarding Quebec's status in Canada and the fact that the only news outlet carrying it is CanWest's "National Post". (Remember, it was CanWest that was running about with a false story about Iran and Jews earlier this year...)


Stephanie, in Victoria said...

We must be terrified of terror or the terrorists will win!

Grog said...

My, that kind of alliteration is worthy of Dr. Seuss - although apparently this variant is "Evil Dr. Seuss"!