Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dear CPoC:

Quit blaming your own governmental inadequacies on past governments.

Bitching and whining about the fumbling of the Liberals on climate change policy doesn't do anything to address the problem. Neither does a piece of brain damaged legislation that defers doing anything material to 2050 and beyond.

Don't point at AdScam as an example of Liberal corruption when your own actions have buried over $15 Billion in defense expenditures under the cloak of "national security", or you sign agreements with BushCo that hand over nearly half a billion to a White House slush fund.

Learn to govern - preferably, by actually providing the kind of government you claimed you were going to provide - open, honest and accountable - of which you've delivered exactly none. (and no, I don't consider the sop you call the "Accountability Act" anywhere near adequate)

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