Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Follow Up

A few days ago, a commenter asked for some "digging" because a character by the name of "Brian Roodnik" in B.C. had started to threaten a defamation lawsuit because a newspaper had used the term "anti-Gay" in a headline about "Concerned Parents B.C."

In a comment back here we find a brief update. It seems that Mr. Roodnik decided that it was politically expedient not to start a war with the media over the matter - as he has ambitions of political office.

While "Concerned Parents B.C." tries very hard to hide their biases, links like this make it quite clear what the root affiliations are. (Try finding references to "Concerned Parents B.C." outside of "Christian" media organs - there aren't many to be had) Note: Concerned Parents B.C. was set up immediately after an optional course curriculum was introduced in B.C. - not exactly advanced calculus here...

BTW - Thank you Shaun, for keeping us updated on what you've found.

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