Monday, November 20, 2006

My God The Man Is Clueless

Every so often, I start to think that Harper is beginning to "get it", then I run into idiocy like this, where he starts bragging about about talking tough with China and how the Liberals never did that.

For starters, it was a "brief meeting", and certainly not formal; and "talking tough" isn't exactly credible when it comes from a country whose population would fit comfortably into one of China's minor provinces.

Like his greasy parliamentary secretary, Jason Kenney, Harper just doesn't seem to understand that cross-cultural relationships are delicate, subtle things. Harper is probably still trying to spin the snub that he received from the Chinese as a "miscommunication" - instead of understanding it for what it is in the language of diplomats.

Of course, CPoC apologists will no doubt be cheering Harper on, making the grossly incorrect assumption that China cares on whit what Harper and is bunch of testosterone driven goons think is international relations.

(Of course, on the world stage, even if Canada threw everything we had at weapons, we wouldn't be much more than a minor annoyance to other nations by ourselves. (And ignoring the Celil case at the outset sent a pretty clear message to the Chinese about just how "interested" Harper's government really is)

Like his White House idol, George W. Bush, Harper seems to think that diplomacy is best delivered with one finger on the trigger of a Smith & Wesson. (and we all know how well that's turned out in Iraq, don't we?)


Anonymous said...

Since I have no other way to reach you, here's an article of interest from the New York Times

At least I hope that's the link

leftdog said...

The Harper Foreign Affairs model

scout said...

harper and his theocons are untravelled, unspohisticaed goons thinking they can follow georgie-porgie's plans in trade for protectionsim, whicih of course, has made us a target. thanks steve. bull in a china shop comes to mind.