Monday, November 27, 2006

The Creation Of Government Policy

Imagine sitting in your office working away one day, and your boss walks in and drops a new assignment on your desk. Your assignment? To come up with all the reasons why your job shouldn't exist. This is the job you pursued, and landed; have invested heavily in personally, and now your boss is asking not to justify its existence, but in fact to justify its dissolution.

That is in effect what the Conservatives are doing in Ottawa today.

"They were all very committed to the programs they were working on," he said. "So for them to be asked to explain why they should be cut, really it's right out of [George Orwell's] 1984. It's telling bureaucrats to come up with lies to justify government policy."

Apparently, Rona Ambrose and her ever-so-inflexible boss, Stephen Harper, have decided in their infinite wisdom that not only is it inadequate to scuttle Kyoto (and not even attempt to reduce Canada's greenhouse gas emissions), but in fact they seem quite determined to dismantle anything that might produce useful, science-grounded results.

I may have to resort to prayer before this lot are ousted from power, because by the time they are finished, that's all Canadians will have left!

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