Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lock This One Up And Throw Out The Key

Where I have a certain amount of sympathy for Robert Latimer and the tragic story that led him to kill his own offspring, I'm feeling considerably less sympathetic to this father.

I don't really give a damn what the man's daughter did or did not do - and it sounds like little more than typical teenage rebelliousness, strangling her to death was a vile and reprehensible thing to do:

Aqsa Parvez's friends told CBC News that the teen had been having arguments with her father because he allegedly wanted her to wear a traditional hijab.

"She kinda wanted to go a different way from the way her family wanted her to go," said one friend.

They also said that she wanted to escape the family conflict by running away.

This sounds sad more than anything else. What provoked the father (or her brother) to choke her so brutally doesn't really matter - the mere thought that choking someone could ever be seen by someone as "legitimate discipline" is horrifying.

I do not claim that the father is a "monster" (at least not in the pathological sense that William Pickton represents), but his actions in this case are monstrous indeed.

If, in the due course of legal process, this man is found guilty of murdering his daughter, he deserves no less than to be locked away from society for the remainder of his natural life ... during which time, we can hope that he will come to see the horrifying error of his actions.

For those that wish to question why I do not feel so strongly about the case of Robert Latimer, I suggest you read my post on the subject. There's a considerable difference in my mind between an act such as Latimer's which appears to have been motivated by despair and mercy in some form and an act of rage over an apparently rebellious teenager.

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