Monday, December 31, 2007

The CBC Responds To Conservative Party Fundraiser

Quite rightly, the CBC's Publisher John Cruikshank has responded publicly to the Conservative Party's amazingly dishonest fundraising letter.

Your suggestion to your potential contributors that the CBC was waging a partisan campaign against your party and the government of Canada was flatly contradicted by every step we had taken before you composed your cash appeal.

We accept that you are not the only, or even the first, Canadian political party to use CBC News as a whipping boy for fundraising purposes.

The Liberal party accused us of bias on several occasions when it fit their agenda.

While Harper and his band of Rove/Bush-inspired fellows run about whining about "media bias", those claims come out regularly when the Con$ are inevitably saying or doing something reprehensible.

Of course, I'm sure Harper would be all to happy to turn the CBC into his own little pet propaganda ministry if he could. Just as he is having his ministers use government agencies to spread party propaganda.

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