Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crawling Out Of Their Cave

I ordinarily don't care much for the Calgary Sun's "letters" section - I usually find the pithy little comments they add at the end of letters snide, and somewhat inappropriate.

However, today's letters has one that is particularly apropos:

Robinson misses the mark

In an otherwise very sensible column, Ian Robinson labels homophobia as "moronic." Mr. Robinson, if something were to happen and your children ended up in the system, would

you want them raised by homosexuals who would model a lifestyle that, if embraced, would almost invariably lead to their premature demise? Caring about your children and your grandchildren does not make you homophobic or moronic. I would

suggest, Mr. Robinson, you need to think through these issues a little more carefully.

Jeff Willerton

(Hey Jeff, are you saying gays can't be good parents? Maybe it's time to come out of your cave.)

The sad bit here is how much this attitude echoes the letter written not so long ago by Stephen Boissoin, in which Boissoin accused GLBT people of "recruiting" youth, and being "abusive" to children.

Sadly, Mr. Willerton's attitudes are rooted in what he supposes about GLBT lives. It's all too easy to suppose things about other people's "lifestyle" when you can blithely categorize them as "Other"(™) without actually knowing anything about them. If you don't have to acknowledge someone else's basic humanity because you have lumped them into some broad group that you loosely consider "bad". Like Mr. Boissoin, Mr. Willerton is merely demonstrating that ignorance continues to be all too common a position to argue moral issues from.

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