Saturday, October 06, 2007

Western Standard: Good Riddance

Via Buckdog, we learn that Ezra LeRant's Western Standard is now defunct - or at least its print edition is.

I imagine that Ezra will keep the on-line version in some capacity - at least the discussion forum/blog sections.

Given the narrow, hard-line politics of Ezra's publication, I'm glad to see the "free market" he so idolized swatting his publication down. It reinforces my long-held belief that even in Western Canada, the extreme right wing conservatism is not by any means the majority view.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it!
First - no more Free-Dumb Radio, now the Western StandHard is GONE!!!

Surely these tribulations are a sign of the second cumming!

I predict that Chandler - the Holy Rambler will come out to take it over,
or, maybe just come out?

dragon said...

We're seeing quite a few going down - and the white hatters are prevailing.

Now all we need to do is straighten out the conservative leanings of the Herald and the Sun... what, too much to hope for? We can't rid of Bishop Henry and his ilk?

Grog said...

Bishop Henry's unlikely to go away anytime soon - he seems to be in fine fettle. As long as he doesn't start calling for the government to use "coercive powers" against an identifiable, and otherwise peaceful part of the population, I'll ignore him.

dragon said...

Is it safe to ignore him? Or are we better to watch what he says and how he is pulling the wool over the eyes of the populace and call him on it at every opportunity?

Or is it better to silently watch society following his dance of baby steps all the way to the religious right?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone thinks that GOD turned Ted Byfield's house into fire and brimstone as punishment for his evil hateful acts??


Anonymous said...

Ya think that GOD turned old-man Byfield's house into fire and brimstone as punishment?