Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Now that's just irrational...

Over here we get a little more insight into Ward 4 Candidate for Alderman Evans.

Apparently it's his idea of "fair play" to purchase 'soundalike' domains and claim that other bloggers support pedophilia, racists or whatever.

But, when the bloggers in question turn things about and turn similar accusations on Mr. Evans, that's suddenly grounds for libel suits and attempts to publicly "unmask" writers who use pseudonyms on the web. (and no, I don't buy the sophistry Evans puts forth in his comments section about "trying to inform" - it looks too much like Evans is trying self-justify acting like a complete ass)

It's far from the first time that Evans has resorted to bullying other bloggers (when he isn't just trying to taunt them).

Actions speak louder than words - Evans' actions are those of a man who even while he is trying to put forward a "reasonable" front during an election, we find him running off at the mouth on his own blog, or making childish videos in an attempt to slag his fellow candidates. It speaks volumes about a man who aspires to sit on city council for one of Canada's larger cities - and I don't think it's exactly promising.

What's going to happen the when he starts getting criticized in the media? He's going to sue them too? Or is he going to have a Stephen Harper style tantrum about it and try to shut the media out entirely?


Richard said...

Well, I talked to the sun about it earlier today and didn't hide anything. They'll print what they'll print and I'll respond accordingly. One has nothing to hide with truth on his side...

Cliff said...

Enlightened Savage has a huffy post about the 'baseless innuendos' and 'ugly rumours' circulating about Richard Evans. Baseless innuendo and ugly rumours are wrong, I quite agree.

Of course Mr Evans in his own words acknowledging and even bragging about getting a domain in the screen name of a native female blogger and pointing it to a racist organization is neither a rumour nor is it innuendo.

"Yeah, about that... I've decided to keep somenamedia pointed to it's current destination for the next little while... Watching you stew in your own hatred is amusing..."

It's a comment in his name pointing to his profile and his blogs Let Freedom Reign and Girl on the Right.

Mr Evans do you deny performing this little domain redirect trick multiple times? Do you deny those are your words acknowledging doing so? Remember a simple Whosis search will make it clear who took out these domains and google cache is forever.

Richard said...

Here's the Sun story:

Cliff said...

Jesus, he's adding it to his press clippings.

Is he under the impression this story makes him look good?