Friday, October 05, 2007

You Reap What You Sow...

Apparently, Richard took his war with blogger "Canadian Cynic" to the press:

Richard Evans, who is running in Ward 4, said an anonymous blogger has been defaming him on his website and posting his address, phone number and the names of his wife and two children.

Now, I'll let Cynic's own commentary speak to the issues of the accusations being tossed about. Frankly, I tend to be of the opinion that both parties are acting childish.

BUT - CC is not putting himself forward to sit on Calgary's City Council, either. Richard Evans is.

Voters in Calgary's Ward 4 have a question to ask themselves when they put their "X" on a ballot in a little less than two weeks' time: "Will we be represented effectively by this man?". Will "effective" representation come from a man whose conduct is childish, immature or even in amazingly bad taste, such as taunting victims of sexual assault?

Whether Evans stands much of a chance against Bob Hawkesworth is open to debate. Frankly, I'll be looking for someone who has a little more maturity in their conduct - and a little less tendency to devolve into taunting when he disagrees with someone. Politics is the art of compromise, and the behaviour shown by Evans to date shows us someone who "wins" arguments by belittlement. Not exactly promising.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the alderman candidate's debate when someone asks "Do you own websites that forward the user to NAMBLA?" The sputtering and backsliding will be epic.

Hopefully the voters of ward 4 will get a good look at this clown.


Richard said...

"Do you own websites that forward the user to NAMBLA?"

Thank you for the question. The answer is no. No I don't own any domain names that forward the user to NAMBLA. Any and all domain names I own point to my own websites.

Next question?

I told you guys earlier, I've got nothing to hide.

Grog said...

So, Richard, do you deny that in the past you have directed some of those domains to NAMBLA or Stormfront?

Richard said...

So, Richard, do you deny that in the past you have directed some of those domains to NAMBLA or Stormfront?

Nope. Didn't you read the article?

Evans said he used the redirecting ploy, but it was only a response to what he said were continued attacks from the blogger.

Oh, and just for the record, it was CC or one of his minions that contacted the press, not me. Shawn from the Sun contacted me on Wednesday and asked if I could respond to an "anonymous" e-mail that he had received.

After talking to me and e-mailing CC for more info, he wrote his story. That's all...

Grog said...

Nope. Didn't you read the article?

I read the article just fine ... and you've just made my point for me. You are clearly not mature enough to sit on City Council.

Anonymous said...


While in school I had the misfortune of having to deal with people like yourself, back in those days the term that we used was 'playground bully'. The 'playground bully' when finally confronted will always outright lie, twist the truth, or fall back to taunting in an effort to squirm out of their own manufactured predicament. You, sir, are no different.

You were asked if you owned any websites that forward the user to NAMBLA. Your reply was a 'No'. This is truthful only to the degree that you have recently changed the redirect so that it now points to your own site. Therefore although your answer was technically correct you know damn good and well that you have owned domains that have redirected to NAMBLA.

You cannot hide what you have done, nor can you hide from the 'net memory'. Information about your activities, as well as what kind of a person you really are, is getting out to the general public.

In the end the 'playground bully' never really amounts to anything.


Richard said...

You are clearly not mature enough to sit on City Council.

Why, because I fought fire with fire and managed to come out less singed than my opponent?

Face it guys, when someone on your side pulls stunts like this , you don't say a damned thing but as soon as someone from our side provides a little payback you scream like little schoolgirls. Oh, and just for the record, one of the redirects was in direct response to the above linked page. So, please, do us all a favor and quit your bitching until you get your own house cleaned up.

Grog said...

Face it guys, when someone on your side pulls stunts like this

Side? What Side??

Please, quit trying to justify acting like a complete ass in terms of others actions. I haven't heard that kind of deflection since third grade.

Grog said...

Oh yes Richard - before you go assuming or inferring that someone has anything to do with something as noxious as that parody you pointed to, I'd suggest you make damn sure you have your facts straight.

In this case, I had no knowledge of that blog prior to your posting its address. Nor would I condone something as childish as that.

Don't assume that your critics all behave like you do.

Richard said...

Side? What Side??

Don't kid yourself, there are sides and eventually, we all have to choose...

dragon said...


Your first mistake is that you decide that there are "sides" and your second is that you believe that you have to take a side and "fight".

There are more than two sides - it's not just black and white, there are many different shades of grey. Anybody who stands up and shouts that there is only WHITE and nobody elses's opinions or thoughts matter should not be allowed into politics where it is your duty to represent not only your own PERSONAL beliefs, but the beliefs and attitutes of ALL of your constituents (regardless of your privately held views). Are you even capable of seeing a viewpoint other than your own?

When it comes right down to it you act the part of the schoolyard bully who starts by throwing sand and kicking the little kids to prove that you have power over them. You continue pull your little stunts that you should have grown out of by the time you left grade school - and you claim that it is your right to play dirty little tricks and "fight fire with fire".

What's next? If you get onto council will you publish a list dunning those in Calgary who live an openly gay lifestyle because it offends you? Or campaign for laws to ensure that nobody can ever publicly criticize you?

I get most irate when you accuse others of posting "private" information that threatens your safety when that information is available publicly - you boast about your family and their ages on your own blog, and your home address is a matter of public record on the very papers that you filed when you decided to take on Hawkesworth during the election (in case you haven't noticed, that's all available at - oh, WAIT! Perhaps you ought to sue the City of Calgary for publishing your personal information.

Although I shouldn't be surprised by your behaviour - it seems that the PiGIBys all want to scream lawsuit and sue everyone to protect their 'rights' anytime that they hear anything that they don't want to hear.

I hate to envision you on council, sitting beside McIver and whining every time that those other "big mean alderman" don't let you get your way.

Grow up! And once you have matured to the point that you are capable of acting like a civilized human being and are willing to represent the views of all constituents - perhaps THEN you will be ready to consider running for election. But Richard, in case you haven't noticed, that time is most definitely not now.