Thursday, October 18, 2007

Denial - Not Just A River in Egypt

Apparently the howling screech monkies over at Concerned Women for America haven't figured out that there's more vectors for AIDS transmission than sexual activity between two men or IV drug use.

According to their most recent shrieking insanity, only a small number of people can get AIDS - and they all live in those nasty high risk groups - like IV drug users or gay men who have unprotected sex.

Perhaps the most depressing statement is this bit of denial:

Thus, women are better protected against the virus. Dirty needles bypass the skin barrier of addicts; likewise, a nursing infant of an infected mother is directly vulnerable to the virus. The healthy vagina, however, has a strong lining that is infection resistant, and under normal circumstances, its tremendous elasticity minimizes the risk of tears and abrasions so that the HIV virus, barring a weakening of the system, has great difficulty breeching its natural barriers.

Unfortunately, CWFA has confused the notion that a woman has some degree of natural protection with the blind notion that such protection is somehow adequate in the face of a virus like HIV. Sadly, it's not - and it's far too late when you find out that it's not.

Additionally, CWFA has also forgotten the cold hard reality that a variety of vectors such as blood products can also result in viral transmission.

I am routinely amazed by these people - they seem to actually believe that things like HIV give a damn about their notions of "sinfulness" and "wickedness".

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