Monday, October 15, 2007

Dear Mr. Harper:

Quit acting like such a little crybaby over the press. Canada is a democracy, and you are accountable to the people. One of the few paths of accountability we have while you sit in your oh-so-plush PMO is a free press.

In 1965, then Prime Minister Lester Pearson opened the National Press Theatre - a venue that has served as a key part of the communication between our governments and the people ever since.

Today, taxpayers learn that you are spending millions of our dollars to build your own press theatre where your political aides will be in control. That isn't communication with the public, it's propaganda. Period.

When you were elected, it was on a platform of open, accountable government. So far, what we have been subjected to is the most secretive government in Canada's history and a PMO that is so busy trying to control the message that the very actions of the government have become fumbling attempts to enact policy when the message and policy are at odds with each other.

Save the few million that your little "carefully controlled media room" is going to cost taxpayers, and start communicating with the country - using the rules and facilities that taxpayers already fund.

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Anonymous said...

What's next?? I suppose a little moustache to go with his nasti propaganda !