Friday, October 12, 2007

This and That

It's Friday, and I don't feel like writing any in depth analysis so this is mostly a bunch of linkage:

First out of the gate, we have Al Gore winning a Nobel Peace Prize. I'm sure that this will get the howling shriek monkeys of the right wing going shortly.

Next, we have some initial commentary on how the Ontario Election is likely to affect the Federal Con$ - specifically by leaving them with a fatigued volunteer campaign apparatus in the very province where Harper needs to make serious traction to achieve a majority.

And Harper is allegedly playing partisan games with the throne speech - trying to forestall an election, no doubt. It's rather pathetic that Harper is going to play the "but the Liberals did nothing about Kyoto" card, when all he's done himself is put forth "do nothing until 2050" solutions (and a blowhard for a minister - after the oh-so-charismatic Rona Ambrose completely pooched the portfolio)

While predicting the future is a bit of a mug's game, it feels a lot like it's time to call Harper's bluff and collapse this parliament. The next election would likely result in another minority - perhaps we'd get something more constructive than the schoolyard bully in the PMO.

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