Monday, June 04, 2007

You Know It's Bad When...

Remember Harper admitting that he was trying to stack the judiciary with partisan hacks, and Vic Toews' changing the judicial selection process?

Well, it seems that even Brian Mulroney isn't impressed with Harper's antics on this one.

Judges should continue to be chosen with as little political interference as possible, former prime minister Brian Mulroney said this weekend.

"We all know of cases. . . where an independent judge has been the only person standing in the way of abuses of power by government, including inappropriate activities by the police," Mulroney said

Which underscores beautifully just what is wrong with Harper's "justice" policy platform in general. It's not about "getting tough on crime", it winds up being about putting in place the kind of structures that turn into totalitarian regimes.

Here's the full text of Mulroney's speech.

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Anonymous said...

I've just finished reading the text of Mulroney's speech, and I have to say that I'm stunned. I would never have expected Mulroney to have support for an independant judiciary. The fact that Mulroney has basically spoken out against Harpers partisan appointments really does show that Harper is up to no good.