Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dear Mr. O'Connor

Obstinance is not generally a good strategy when you've been caught out in a LIE!

Yesterday, O'Connor tried to justify this government's secrecy over Afghan detainees by claiming that we weren't doing it because the US military wasn't. Today, we learn that particular justification, like so many other things spewed forth by the HarperCons is an outright fabrication:

While both Day and MacKay were forthcoming with numbers on abuse allegations, no information has been released on how many prisoners Canada has captured while fighting the Taliban.

"The U.S. issues a press release about every detainee they capture," Dhalla said Thursday in a statement directed at O'Connor. "Why does this minister refuse to be as transparent?"

Like just about everything else about this government, things don't sound "too bad" ... until people start asking the prickly questions that involve actual facts being disclosed.

Now, somebody remind me of just how amazingly honest and accountable the Cons were supposed to be?


Carmen said...

Another LIE to be noted, and thrown back in their faces come next election. (By the way are you compiling a list of their lies for publication?)

Grog said...

Not specifically - although I certainly could derive quite the list just from my blog's archives.

Sounds like a good idea!

evilscientist said...

Honesty and accountability are for criminals, not the Conservatives....