Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Let Me Get This Straight...

According to Ron Liepert, Alberta's school boards can't expect any significant funding increases because we might hit a financial wall in the indeterminate future?

We've been dealing with a funding wall in Alberta's cities ever since Klein's bunch of bandits took over the purse strings for property taxes, and started to dole them out in a way that punished the cities. Now, we find ourselves staring at skyrocketing costs for salaries, crumbling schools and a host of other issues in the urban centers and this SOB is worried about some arbitrary future that he thinks might happen???

Our school boards have been hamstrung for over ten years now, and it's offensive to me. The school board has to negotiate and own contracts with its teachers, and yet the government is not obliged to provide adequate funding for those contracts. Hell, the government can't (or won't) even demonstrate that the dollars contributed by Calgary taxpayers are going into the Calgary schools!

So far, I have had little reason to be impressed by Ed Stelmach's government, but this is rapidly moving me from ambivalence to outright hostility towards this bunch of Kleinosaurs.

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