Monday, June 04, 2007

That's "Middle Ground"???

[Update 12:50]:
No Stevie, you can't have it both ways. If you aren't even willing to attempt be accountable to a treaty Canada signed and ratified, then you are not in a position to claim any kind of "leadership" on the stage.

That's right up there with driving a Hummer and claiming to be environmentally conscious.
Harper's been in office far too long already. Not only has his ego grown faster than his belly, but now he seems to think that vacuous "do nothing until hell freezes over" legislation is a "middle ground" compromise to be considered among the G8 leaders.

Mr. Harper, who has made a pledge to try to bridge the gap between Europe's more aggressive efforts to reduce carbon emission with those of other nations – such as the United States – said the Canadian plan allows developing countries to cut carbon pollution without risking their economies. The prime minister has said he wants Canada to take a middle role in a meeting of the G8 industrial countries later this week. That meeting will also include other major developing countries, such as Brazil and China, which do not have targets under the Kyoto protocol.

I can just imagine the European leaders rolling their eyes as this speech was delivered.

Mr. Harper comes from a government that has denied, ignored and generally refused to acknowledge the impact of human activity on the planet. (No doubt because somewhere in the Bible is a phrase to the effect of "all you see before you is yours", and conveniently forgetting the admonitions to care for the world as well)

Past speeches have made it abundantly clear - his government isn't even going to make an effort with regards to Kyoto, and his legislation on the matter puts in law his unwillingness to act.

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