Monday, June 11, 2007

PMSH: Embarrassing Canada Out Loud

At the recent G8 summit, Harper continued to demonstrate that he is a hypocritical ass on the world stage.

First, he continued to lecture China about human and civil rights issues. (Yes, China needs to be held accountable, no, I don't think PMSH is the man to do it).

Next we hear about Harper getting all upset because he's been criticized for not following through on Canada's commitments to Africa. (To the extent of throwing a "press-corps hissy fit" and refusing to even meet with people like U2's Bono who were acting as advocates for the Africans)

Lastly, he had the stupidity to repeat what he did with China with Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Yes, Stevie, strutting about the stage with your chest all puffed up trying to act like a "man of principle" works so very well. Canada's strength comes not from acting like a muscle-brained bully, but rather from its ability to be influential in Washington, and yet not be a lap-dog to Washington.

Meanwhile, let's take a look at Harper's own record on human rights and democracy shall we?

Dismantling the Status of Women and numerous other government programs aimed at reinforcing (and holding the government accountable to) human and civil rights; an illegal no-fly list to restrict people's liberty at whim; Lying about prisoners in Afghanistan and their treatment; undermining Parliament not merely by the usual games, but by codifying those games as policy for how CONservative MP's should conduct business; Laws that break fundamental principles such as the presumption of innocence.

Yes, Mr. Harper, your own track record on human rights and democracy are such a shining light for the rest of the world...China and Russia are rightly going to look at you and laugh.

Thanks for embarrassing Canada, and besmirching our good name in the cause of your partisan hackery.

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