Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wild Rose Party Update

A little digging, and it turns out that the "Wild Rose Party" is Link Byfield's contribution to right-wingnut politics in Alberta.

First, check this manifesto out on Byfield's "CCFD" website. Then check the street address of the CCFD:

203, 10441 - 178 Street
T5S 1R5

Phone: 780-481-7844
Fax: 780-481-9983

Then, we traipse on over to the somewhat incomplete website for the Wild Rose Party, and it has the following address:

Suite 203, 10441 - 178 Street
Edmonton, AB T5S 1R5
Phone: 780-481-7184
Fax: 780-481-9983

And, a quick check of the WhoIs database turns up that the domain itself belongs to Byfield's organization:

Status: EXIST
Registrant-no: 1026134
Domaine-no: 1905974
Renewal-Date: 2008/06/07
Date-Approved: 2007/06/07
Date-Modified: 2007/06/25
Organization: Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy, Inc.
Admin-Name: Craig Docksteader
Admin-Postal: Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy
203, 10441 - 178 Street
Edmonton AB T5S 1R5 Canada
Admin-Phone: 7804817844
Admin-Fax: 7804819983

Admin-Mailbox: email address guarded from harvesters

Reaction over at "Free Dominion" is guarded at best.

Just to give you a sense of the kind of wisdom that pervades this bunch, even the Federal CON$ had to ditch one of this bunch last election. How promising...

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Alta Fag said...

I can just see Link's little Hitler stache twitching in anticipation of getting another platform to spew his nasti ideology. But, in a perverted way, I wish them well cuz every vote they get will be one taken away from the Regressive Conservative camp. Let them come to bury Stelmach, not praise him.