Sunday, June 03, 2007

Speaking of Hypocrisy ...

The reich wing in Canada, embodied by such illustrious nuts as Michael Coren often like to accuse the left wing of being hypocrites for demanding that Canada end its involvement in Afghanistan - a move which would "leave Afghani women in the brutal hands of the Taliban".

Well, let's turn that around a little, shall we? In the realm of short sighted silliness, we have Canada's policy towards the Palestinian people. Almost immediately following the election of Hamas by the Palestinians, the Harper-led Cons cut off any aid whatsoever to the Palestinian government. I thought this was an amazingly short-sighted stance to begin with, and now we start to see the consequences of Canada (and other Con-led western countries) withdrawing all support to the Palestinian people and government:

Women march in Gaza to protest fundamentalist group's threat of beheading

Basically, what has happened is the very government who is so high on "law and order" and "effectiveness", has sold out the interests of the Palestinian people, leaving a power vacuum in the region that radical militias are moving into. Militant militias whose idea of "justice" involves cutting women's heads off because they are not dressed "appropriately" according to some arbitrary interpretation of the Q'ran.

So...turning it back on the Canadian reich wing, let's be real here - you dare criticize others for disagreeing with Harper's Grand Foreign MisAdventure, while that same Government's reactionary policies have had exactly the same - or worse - effects in the Palestinian territories?

Perhaps we should really talking about how Con policies have attacked women's rights and freedoms - both at home and abroad.

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