Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Is There Something In Alberta's Water???

What is it about Alberta's political conservatives? It seems like every time you turn around, there's another "even more conservative than the other conservative" party popping up:

"These are people that feel disenfranchised today because the [Progressive Conservative] party in Alberta has continued to move to the left, and left conservatives behind," James said.

The new party will be based on conservative ideas and grassroots accountability, according to James.

So, the Alberta Alliance, Alberta Party and Alberta Social Credit parties aren't enough alternatives? Why, no it's not - if those parties aren't hard-line enough, there's always Alberta Separation Party.

Apparently, the "Wild Rose Party" has decided that not only are the Alberta PC's are too "left-leaning" these days, and they can't play nicely with the other right wingnut ideologues that run the options listed above.


Anonymous said...

Not that I would want to give the CONS any warnings, but having a new CON party could be a good thing, for the Liberals.....

If the right wingnuts can fracture their vote sufficiently there is a really good chance for a long over due change in government by allowing the Liberals to walk up the middle.

So a heartfelt message to all the CONS out there, GO FOR IT, CREATE MORE NEW PARTIES!!

Anonymous said...

Ego, maybe having your own party is a new status symbol for rich Alberta conservatives.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when people confuse "listen to the people" with "do everything I tell them to do". When faced with the possibility of not getting everything they want (because - gasp - of having to compromise), they take their ball and go home.