Thursday, June 28, 2007

Privacy Commissioners To Ottawa: Knock it OFF

Remember PMSH's latest incursion into civil liberties? His little No Fly List? Yes, I thought that might jog your memory.

It seems that Canada's Privacy Commissioners have figured out Harper's game, and they are not impressed:

At a meeting in Fredericton on Thursday, the officials issued a joint resolution that says the list of people considered to be potential threats to security violates privacy rights of Canadians.

They find it "alarming" that Transport Canada, which administers the Passenger Protect program, could be sharing names on the list with other countries and has not provided assurances that that's not happening.

While I imagine that Harper will ignore this, the first false positive should be used to drag this whole sorry mess into the courts, and expose this for the abuse of government power that it really is. (In one of the great ironies, there are rumors that the US list that this is based on does not have the names of anyone currently "under investigation" on it, for fear that it will compromise an investigation - so one has to wonder just who such a list is supposed to "protect" the public from)

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