Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thin Skinned Stephen

Stephen Harper has demonstrated just how thin-skinned he really is in the last day or so. In comments about the Quebec election, Harper states that money is conditional on who the Quebec voters elect.

The federal budget was fairly obvious in its attempts to set the tone of the Quebec election, and more recently we hear Harper trying to dictate to Quebecers that he won't work with anyone other than a "federalist" Premier in Quebec. Given that Charest has been something of a ideological sympathizer for Harper, it's pretty clear that Harper hasn't got the spine or integrity to negotiate with anybody over anything.

Consider this carefully - Harper keeps sounding like George Bush, and keeps on acting like him as well. As a Canadian voter, that doesn't represent me and my values at all. Most Canadians dislike Bush, why would we elect his ideological twin in the next election?

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