Monday, March 19, 2007

Michael Coren: Liar and Hypocrite

Coming from a man who has argued that we should nuke Iran, I find Michael Coren's latest column particularly amusing:

Homosexuality? Constant understanding for the individual but unwavering commitment to historic and unchanging Christian teaching. It's so easy to appear fashionable but so meaningless. If we compromise on truth we might as well compromise on goodness as well.

Talking about relativism here. Most of the bible beater crowd that think like Coren cherry pick their scripture - conveniently ignoring the aspects that they find difficult to reconcile. (You know the ones - prohibitions against eating shellfish, or admonitions to stone your daughter to death for one sin or another)

Yes, Mr. Coren, let's talk about your "truth" for a moment, shall we? The same "truth" that you use to mentally justify remote control genocide ... because you're afraid of someone who is different than you are!

Or there's this gem:

Perhaps we should also challenge the church's condemnation throughout the centuries of such things as poverty, cruelty, injustice and hatred. After all, those condemnations come from the same Bible, the same God, the same Jesus that necessitates the condemnation of sexual immorality.

Yes, Michael, let's talk about the church's condemnations over the centuries. Let's start with The Malleus Maleficarum, a document used to justify drowning and torturing people to death (mostly those who were either wealth or odd - sometimes both); or perhaps you'd like to talk about the church's oh-so-enlightened hiding and enabling of pedophile priests? Or perhaps you'd care to explain the wisdom of keeping people illiterate, reserving literacy and written word for the clergy?

Or, perhaps you can explain how a church that even today is among the wealthiest institutions in the world, possessor of some of the most valuable real estate known to mankind, has used its wealth and influence to ensure that politically inconvenient groups of people are kept poor and powerless?

Yes, Michael, your "christianity" is as much a creature of convenience and opportunity as those who you would condemn.


leftdog said...

Coren operates with an 'off kilter' world view - nothing from him surprises me anymore.

Anyone who quotes from the bible and advocates using nuclear weapons in the same breath is beyond comprehension. I don't consider it to be healthy or in any way 'normal'. He is extreme.

He thinks he is mainstream.

Anonymous said...

for your information, check out the OutRights blogsite for some interesting postings as the conference progresses.