Friday, March 02, 2007

CPoC Is NOT Moderate

I don't know who is falling for the notion that the Harper-led CPoC is "moderate", but it's not me; and not anyone that I know.

While Harper's waist grows at a rate that exceeded only by his ego, his Secretary of State for Monoculturalism is running about making speeches about Iran and how the Canadian government blindly supports Israel:

Harper, he said, is unshakable in his support for Israel, because he “understands its existential fight,” and he has told the Conservative caucus that he would not change his stance even if it means the fall of his government.

Remember, Harper called Israel's invasion of Lebanon last summer "measured".

Let's not be blind to what Harper's up to here - he's currying favor with whomever he thinks he needs to get a majority; and everyone else gets thrown under the bus. If you are of Arab descent, rest assured that Harper will support your rights - until he decides you are "a terrorist".

Just to make it clear, I nominate Pierre Poilievre as the poster child for just how wingnutty this party really is.

"Parliamentarians were presented with a choice on February 27, 2007 - a choice between the safety of Canadians or bending to Liberal caucus politics. I will not apologize for standing up for Canadian families, and I will vigorously defend the remarks I made."

"For any government, there is no greater duty than the protection of its citizens, and the onus is now on the Liberal Party of Canada to explain why they voted against the families of the victims of Air India and 9/11. It is up to the Liberal Party of Canada to apologize to the Canadian victims of terror they abandoned, and explain another flip-flop on a critical issue."

I don't even need to begin trashing this goon's verbal behaviour - he's taking his lead from Stephen Harper and Stockwell Day.


Anonymous said...

And this is coming from the same government that is,so far,refusing to release the non-censored versions of the Air India disaster. These documents are needed in there uncensored form in order for the latest inquiry to have any hope of reaching a meaningful conclusion. The judge who is sitting the inquiry has already asked for the uncensored documents but has been turned down because the information (despite being over 2 decades old) might show would be terrorists how our security systems work. The CPoc is playing games.

Grog said...

No, not playing games. Remember, Mulroney was in power during that time.

Since Harper has tried to tie his success to Mulroney, you can be quite sure that Mulroney is telling him to keep that one quiet - after all it might force Brian to sue the government.