Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Departure From The Usual Rantings

[Update 10/3/07]
From the Globe and Mail, we have a column by the Bishop reflecting his views. Well written, and interesting.
This one should get the wingnuts going. It seems that Right Rev. Michael Ingham wants Christianity to develop a "better theology of sexuality". In recent years, it has seemed to me that most of the time when a religious leader has opened their mouths to rant about sexuality, they have clung to an amazingly narrow view of things - opposing everything from homosexuality to birth control.

"Christianity as a religion stands in need of a better theology of sexuality," he said, "a better understanding of the complex role sexuality plays in our human nature and of the purposes of God in creating us as sexual beings."

He said the church has misunderstood references to homosexuality in the Bible, wasted energy in persecuting individuals who have argued for a new understanding of sexuality, and failed to comprehend how much the Bible and church doctrines have been shaped through the lens of male experience.

While this won't cause me to run off and join an Anglican congregation, it's a refreshing change from the increasingly irrational rantings of Bishop Fred Henry, or other "leaders" like Charles McVety - whose vitriol is deeply disappointing to encounter.

Like John Shelby Spong, this is another man who has looked into current Christian Theology and found it wanting. Perhaps they are voices doomed to be drowned out by demands for "absolutes" from conservative theologians, and congregations filled by people uncomfortable with "shades of grey".


Anonymous said...

The Reverend has made a very neat observation in recognizing that the Bible's authors and societal context, were male and male dominated. That fact alone makes the Bible incapable of being flexible when dealing with anything outside of a male viewpoint. Society is constantly evolving and to expect to be able to use a 2000+ year old set of writings as a blueprint for a society is just plain ridiculous.


bruce said...

Wanting, that’s for sure. I bitch, complain, and carry on about western Christianity mostly because there aren’t enough people like Ingham around to give it some badly needed focus.

A little less time wasted on imaginary demons like homosexuals and a little more spent on the true meaning of spirituality would go a long way for everyone.