Saturday, March 24, 2007

Michael Coren Is Delusional ... and a Bigot

Michael Coren needs psychiatric help - soon. His latest column is an anti-Islam screed that demonstrates just how far off kilter his world really is.

Imagine a history book being read by people in 100 years time. In a chapter entitled, Why We Fought, it would list the crimes of an ideology and a movement, Islamic fundamentalism, that became so powerful and so grotesque in the opening years of the 21st century that the civilized world was obliged to resist.

Okay - he's hallucinating about a "war" that exists only in his fevered imagination, and that of a few other religious nutjobs who have confused scripture with reality - lovely.

He then goes on to describe all of the evil things that have been done in the name of Islam in recent years - and some of it's pretty nasty. But then again, some of what I've heard and seen Coren advocate doesn't exactly show his brand of Christianity to be a very redeemable thing. (Remember, this hypocrite is the same man who has called for nuking Iran, and gay bashing disguised as "Christian compassion")

They declared their intention to target children because, they said, they knew their enemies valued children most of all and loved life. For them, they boasted, death was more important than life. They vomited this philosophy all over the world, in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.

Who is this "they", Michael? Last I checked, Islam was no more a philosophical monolith than Christianity or any other school of thought. Yes it has its share of whackjobs, and so does Christianity - looked in the mirror lately?

Coren ends his latest insane tirade with this:

They despised progress, freedom, grace, gentleness, empathy, tolerance, civilization, truth, thought, understanding, joy, laughter and love. They hated humanity and they hated God.

That, the readers would be told, was why we fought. And that is why we fight. Because if we genuinely care about all that is fine and grand and important we have no choice.

Coming from a man who keeps calling for society to roll its clock back to the 1950s, I find it ironic that he criticize Islam for "despising progress". Yes Michael, I'm sure the women of our land would happily go back to your fantasy world where societal expectations kept them pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen.

He's bought the whole Bushian concept of a "war of cultures" hook, line and sinker - and apparently thinks that some noble ideal is being upheld by invading far-off lands - other than sheer greed and lust for power.

His paranoid rantings are filled with the near irrational rantings of racism and ignorance. Basically, he wants to bring war to parts of the world because he thinks that the people who live there are a threat to his faith. Gee, Michael, do you cross to the other side of the street when you see someone of Arab descent? Or do just yell obscenities at them?

Somehow, if Coren's tirades are in that category of "fine and grand and important", then I think we need to reimagine our priorities.

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visions display said...

I must admit,I see the Michael coren show every night on TV, and i hate is guts, I cant stand his hypocrisy and his out and out lies,also, I some times see Justin trotier there to,and he drives me crazy how he lets coren walk all over him,for a leading Canadian atheists he needs more guts,I'm glad I'm not the only one
w3ho cant stand that fat jack ass.