Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's not always the headline...

We've been hearing a lot lately about how the Conservatives have been flitting in and out of Afghanistan - first they allow our Governor General to go over (odd, when about a year ago it was "too dangerous", and not much seems to have really changed), then we heard that O'Connor had gone over there to look into the much mangled file on detainees, and now I see that mouthpiece Hillier has just landed.

My goodness, anyone would think we are colonizing Afghanistan from Canada - the Harper Conservatives are paying more attention to that country than things at home ... where they are busy running about promising to spend money like drunken sailors.

More seriously, it's interesting to note O'Connor missed a meeting with the director of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission because the director wasn't even in Kandahar!

Of course, somehow, I doubt that this really bothers HarperCrit and his crowd - they aren't exactly known as great humanitarians. (Recent attempts to change that impression aside - as I suspect like recent gov't announcements on other fronts, these are just electioneering)

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