Thursday, March 22, 2007

ReCycling Gone Awry

I see that PMSH has decided to start recycling George Bush style memes - attacking his critics because of expressed concerns over how Taliban prisoners are being treated in Afghanistan.

I realize that recycling is the "in thing" these days, but really, Mr. Harper, must you recycle George Bush's memes? They're a little past their "best before date" - come to think of it, they're downright rancid.

We've had just over a year of this goon in power, and the only thing he's done is get Canada more deeply embroiled in the mess in Afghanistan - an expenditure we can ill-afford.

Canadian voters need to think carefully in the next election - whenever that happens - Do they want George W. Bush's ideological twin in Ottawa? A man who not only apes Bush, but actually is dumb enough to recycle Bush's leavings.

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MAS said...

PMSH can do two things very well. One is slamming the opposition by twisting the facts etc. The other is making announcements with the appropriate photo-op. As for the rest he is very poor and has no interest in the proper functioning of parliament. All he is after are votes. HJeaven help Canada if he gets a majority.