Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yo! Kenney!

Last I checked, the HarperCon$ were the government of the day, and the government trying to trigger its own downfall for the last 18 months since it ran out of script.

The issue is your pathetic government's record, not the other parties' records.

Perhaps you'd like to start off by answering some questions about your own government's record:

(1) Why is it that the current government has damaged Canada's economy by attacking its trading partners on the world stage?

(2) Explain why the Harper government is increasing spending on military capital items when that same spending is clearly running Canada into a deficit position economically?

(3) In light of the obvious lie that the fixed election date law is, and the in-and-out financing scam, and your party's 'how to sabotage parliament' manual, how can voters believe anything that your party says or does?

(4) Perhaps you'd like to explain your government's utter failure to represent and defend Canadians held in dubious circumstances abroad?

(5) And last, but far from least, how can you and your party stand up and talk about not opening the abortion debate when your caucus overwhelming voted to support Ken Epp's attack on women's reproductive autonomy?

The issue in this election is your record as a government.

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