Friday, September 05, 2008

Inconsistent or Just Dishonest - You Pick

I see Dear Leader has decided to bypass his own process for putting judges on the bench of the Supreme Court of Canada:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has nominated Nova Scotia judge Thomas Cromwell to sit on the Supreme Court of Canada.

The move – which bypasses an all-party selection committee just two days ahead of an election call – will fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Justice Michel Bastarache.

Judge Cromwell currently sits on the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal.

Mr. Harper said Judge Cromwell's candidacy was “highly recommended by judges, lawyers and other Atlantic Canadians.”

The announcement suspends the work of Parliament's Supreme Court selection panel, which has been working on a short list of recommended candidates.

Uh huh - so Big Daddy thinks that it's just fine to suspend process and reforms that he claimed were so vital to his government's agenda - just as long as it fits his immediate political agenda.

In related news, David Emerson is going to 'co-Chair' the Conservative election campaign.

Foreign Affairs Minister David Emerson may be leaving parliament, but he will remain a key backroom figure in the Conservatives' re-election campaign.

So ... Mr. Harper is going to take campaign advice from Mr. Emerson. I have to wonder if this is a case of 'honor amongst thieves' taking place...


Anonymous said...

you pick???

I think you missed the "r"??

but sorry to be so critical of your spelling. LOL

MgS said...

Depends - grammatically, there's two places the "r" could go and still make sense...

Which were you thinking of?