Monday, September 22, 2008

What Is It With These People?!?

At the rate that the Conservatives are ditching people for saying things that are unspeakably stupid, they're going to run out of party pretty soon.

Whether we are talking about stupid comments regarding the Manitoba bus tragedy, joking about the Listeria outbreak, or accusing the father of a dead soldier of being "a liberal", all of these comments are plain stupid and in their own right warrant very little attention...except that they are all little windows into the complete lack of respect for the Canadian public that the HarperCon$ so clearly have.

Fundamentally, this is a party with its head firmly stuck in a grade 8 boys' locker room. Bigger is better, guns are cool and anyone who disagrees with you is fair game for crude and cruel jokes.


Anonymous said...

What's not cool is the previous government who infringes upon the private property rights of responsible gun owners and wastes billions in taxpayer dollars at the same time.

MgS said...

Ah - another ReformaTory troll with the standard "But ... But ... The Liberals" talking point.

Newsflash for you: The issue today is the HarperCrit's record and his government's hypocrisy.

BTW - last I checked, gun registration doesn't impinge upon any property rights - any more than registering your car does.