Sunday, September 07, 2008

So We Have An Election Call

So, Harper decided to call an election for October 14 instead of abiding by the stated intent of his own fixed election date law.

I can think of better things to do than sit an listen to politicians yammer on for the next four weeks, making promises that they have no intention of keeping.

Mr. Harper justified breaking his own law by saying Parliament, which was to resume Sept. 15, had become "dysfunctional" and by arguing he requires a fresh government mandate as the country sails into global economic turbulence.

Bullfeathers, Mr. Harper. By your own stated intention to govern for four years, you still have the high side of a year to go in your current mandate. Whether you have the negotiating skills and personal attributes to actually accomplish anything during the next year or so is another story.

So far, you've shown Canadians that you are a bullying autocrat that can't deal with even so much as the smallest amendment to the legislation your MPs put forth - even when the legislation is obviously brain-dead.

On Saturday, Mr. Harper said he expects the upcoming election campaign to be "very nasty" with him as a target.

"I anticipate a very nasty, personal attack campaign," he said in an interview with CTV. "That's what the opposition's done in the past.

This coming from the man who has authorized his party's operatives to engage in a continuous smear campaign against Stephane Dion from day one. You reap what you sow, perhaps? Or perhaps you merely expect others to be as small-minded and thuggish as you are, Mr. Harper.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the mandacity of it all!

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