Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Conservative Accountability ... Election Style

Remember PMSH railing against the evils of patronage appointments? It wasn't that long ago that he was promising us a panel to oversee all of the government appointments...2006 in fact.

Then there's reality:

The Harper government approved 148 appointments to federal boards and agencies, long used as rewards for supporters of the party in power, as the election neared, The Canadian Press has learned.

Cabinet handed out the pots in three rounds, the first only two days before Parliament recessed for the summer, the second on July 30, at peak holiday time for politicians and political journalists, and the third less than a week before Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the election for Oct. 14.

... and you wonder why I dubbed him 'HarperCrit'?

Mr. Harper, who railed against Liberal patronage in the 2006 election, later failed to deliver on a campaign pledge to put an independent commission in charge of vetting cabinet appointments. He angrily shelved the idea after opposition MPs refused to ratify his nomination of Gwyn Morgan, a Calgary oil baron who is also a friend of the prime minister, as the commission chair.

Oh right - he got his knickers in a twist because he couldn't get away with making the head of his oversight committee a patronage appointment! Someone remind me how this is open, accountable government.

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