Friday, January 11, 2008

Dear Mr. Weston: It's the Conservatives Sitting In Power

Sun Media columnist Greg Weston apparently thinks that because the Liberals were sitting in government until 2005 that the Chalk River fiasco is somehow all their fault.

Newsflash for ya Mr. Weston: The Harper Conservatives have been sitting in Ottawa since 2006. Any action, or inaction since the issuance of the current operating license to AECL in Aug of 2006 is unequivocally the very direct responsibility of the HarperCons. They own it - lock, stock and barrel.

Playing politics with topics like health care and nuclear safety is practically begging for things to go "boom"... (oh yes, has anyone else noticed that since the restart of the NRU reactor there have been two seismic events in that region? {albeit fairly minor on the Richter Scale - merely something to think about})

This coming election is not about what the Liberals did or did not do up to 2005, it is about what Harper has done since January 2006.

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