Thursday, January 10, 2008

Awful ... or is that Offal?

Taking the already cheezy and adding a liberal dollop of additional cheez is guaranteed to create something truly hideous.

In the case below, some bunch of fundamentalists tried to make their own "Star Trek" episode, and the results speak for themselves. The original Star Trek episodes were deliberately cheezy, and few would claim that William Shatner was a great actor. Somehow, the fundies managed to "out cheez" the original Star Trek with a combination of awful acting, truly awful writing and a live audience providing the laugh track. (sadly, I don't think they were shooting for comedy - much less bad farce)

*You may want brain bleach with this or immediately after

Come to think of it, pulling in all of the usual fundagelical talking points about atheists and science and clubbing the audience to death with them probably doesn't help the story much either.

In compensation, I leave you with this sample of what can be done when fans with a bit of talent and dedication decide to "carry on" with the Star Trek theme:

h/t: Pam House Blend


Justine said...

Quite pathetic. But then, they can really only fight straw men. They don't even have an inkling of the real thing.

Do you think they could have lit the shoot any worse? :)

Grog said...

The lighting is awful (I suspect they just used ambient room light), and the sound is hideous.

BTW - that's an excellent point that you make about the whole thing being essentially a straw man argument.