Friday, November 16, 2007

What An Abominable Loon

Once in a while other bloggers write something so amazingly ridiculous that you have to actually shake your head and read it twice before your mind will admit to having seen what they have argued. Such is the case with this bit of spewage written by the same person who denies that Calgary has a labour shortage.

Needless to say that leftist bloggers instantly repeated the new mantra over and over again, singing the praises of Arar as well as the media that had begun to idolise the guy for some reason. Again, it was the bloggers from the conservative side of the spectrum (and others who do not follow left-wing ideas) that managed to think things through on their own and form their own and independent views and opinions. Naturally readers visited mostly such blogs, rather than wasting time with bloggers who merely copied the mainstream media reports word for word and bias for bias.

Holy generalizations, Batman! According to Patels, nobody who thought critically about what happened to Maher Arar could possibly have concluded that he was being honest. Never mind the findings of The Arar Commission, as well as the utter silence of the Americans on their intentions by handing Arar over to Syria.

The mistake that leftist bloggers make is that they try to be popular by being mainstream - even when the mainstream is completely wrong. Rather than speaking, or writing, from the heart and jotting down their true feelings and thoughts, they want to appear hip, in, progressive - in short, knowledgeable, as in ’I’m as smart as that commentator or pundit on TV.’ The only trouble is that they come across as phoney, sycophantic adulators that don’t have even a shred of authenticity. in essence while all those who are "right leaning" are clear headed thinkers, the rest of the world are muzzy-minded emulators of others. Not to put too fine a point on it, but "Fuck Right Off, Patels". I see just as much - or more - propagandizing going on among the so-called "Blogging Tories" as anywhere else in the blogosphere. Considered thought and intelligent opinions are not the exclusive domain of people based on their political leanings.

Conservative and other non-leftist bloggers, however, have mastered the skill of ’calling a spade a spade’,

No, no you haven't. It is the height of arrogance to believe that because of your political leanings, you have some kind of lock on "the truth"(™). The only people that really believe that kind of crap are outright loons who cannot grasp that there are more opinions in the world than their own.

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