Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PC Members In Egmont - Consider Character

Politics is often as much about a candidate's character as anything else. Oftentimes it is what is written and said outside of the campaign sphere that tells us the most.

Such is the case with Mr. Chandler who is currently seeking the PC nomination in Calgary Egmont.

Perusing postings on Project Alberta, one of his haunts, I came across this lovely little post:

Please note the following snippet:

...He told me why he did and if it is true this campaign has been tampered with.

Put it this way. I win and I will not pursue it. I lose and I will post the e-mail thread Paul and I had privately and many will be shocked at the reason Paul gave.

So, not only does Craig essentially threaten to make public a discourse that was assumed to be in some confidence, he also makes it conditional upon his success (or lack thereof) in the coming nomination vote this weekend.

Further, should he lose, it will be (in his mind) because "the election was tampered with".

This doesn't sound like someone who is going to accept anything other than getting their own way. Most of us outgrow that in our childhood.

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dragon said...

Yeah, and you EXPECTED him to act the part of a grown man based on what? His past history?..

OOPS! That's just more proof that he's just a 2-year-old child at heart. And spoiled one to boot.