Thursday, November 22, 2007

Conservative Policy and Its Consequences

We are now starting to see the consequences of Conservative policy in this country.

A year ago, the HarperCon$ slashed funding to Canada's 'Status of Women' department, and removed study and monitoring from the departmental mandate. Meanwhile, we find out that EI is being blatantly sexist in its policy implementation towards women.

While the Con$ may not think that monitoring the reality of gender equality in Canada is not a good use of time, it's clear that even government policy cannot be successful balanced if nobody is paying attention to it.

Next up, we get the next installment in "Open, Honest, Accountable" government from Canada's Gnu Government, as the HarperCon$ head off to a Climate Summit in Bali, without bringing the Opposition critics along as part of the delegation.

That's a departure from a long-held government tradition of bringing critics along to major international conferences - opposition MPs participated in the last major UN environmental conference in Nairobi last November, for example. This coming meeting will set the stage for a follow-up agreement to the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012 and does not include the developing world.

Baird spokesman Garry Keller said in an e-mail that Baird " going to Indonesia to work for global action on climate change, and not fight partisan battles."

No, Mr. Baird, you are excluding the opposition critics because you, and your colleagues, have forgotten that the opposition parties are duly designated "Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition", and that they have a real and legitimate role to play.

Like the oh-so-secretive "SPP" (deep integration) talks that the Con$ keep attending and not talking about, I'd have to wager that Baird and his master Steve simply don't want anybody around to hear what asinine proposals they are going to make so they can't be held accountable for making a laughingstock of Canada on the world stage. (Oh wait - their recent decision about death penalty cases already did that - never mind, carry on)

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