Saturday, November 10, 2007

Breaking Out The Whitewash

So, Harper's going to appoint a "neutral" advisor to investigate Mulroney's entanglements with Schrieber.

Please note that the Prime Minister's objective is not to get to the bottom of the whole affair in a public and accountable fashion, but rather to "protect the office of the prime minister".

In other words - Mulroney just got too hot to handle, and Harper needs to create the appearance of having done something while he does as little as possible.

Canadians have a legitimate right to know just what shenanigans are involved here, especially since the allegations involve not just a former Prime Minister, but a man who has been an active advisor to the current government, and whose own advisors are now ensconced in key roles within the Harper apparatus.

This is not a matter merely a matter of Mr. Mulroney's actions, but also a matter of Mr. Harper being held to his own promises of openness and accountability in the last two elections - promises which he has not yet delivered on. A whitewash job will not be adequate.

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