Monday, March 09, 2009

You Might Want Some ... Actual Experience

for someone heading up NATO. Somehow, I don't think Mackay's photo-op flights to Afghanistan count as the kind of military or foreign affairs experience required to head up NATO.

Come to that, do we need another war-mongering neoCon anywhere near the helm of anything even vaguely military? (especially reflecting upon the awe inspiring successes of recent ideology inspired forays into war in recent years)

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Anonymous said...

Who, in their reich mind, would ever trust Peter McKay?

Oh, yah, I remember, DAVID ORCHARD.

And, for a little while, maybe BELINDA STRONICH.

I wonder if ORCHARD and STRONICH are supporting him for the NATO job? Maybe, if it would get that mendacious M.F. out of the country?