Monday, March 02, 2009

Good Lord ...

If you can read this in its entirety (without walking away in anger), one has to wonder just why it is Harper refuses to do anything on behalf of Omar Khadr.

Mr. Vandeveld also discovered that, after Mr. Jawad's transfer to U.S. authorities at the Bagram detention facilities in northern Afghanistan, he was subjected to several forms of abuse, including “linguistic separation” and the “frequent flier program,” which involved moving detainees constantly from cell to cell for weeks at a time as a form of sleep deprivation. It emerged last year that Mr. Khadr had been subjected to the same program.

“I couldn't bring myself to believe Americans could do this,” he said. “This was just sadistic mistreatment of a kid.”

Or does Mr. Harper actually believe that abuse and torture are acceptable ways to treat people?

Or perhaps, you'd like to consider the following bit about evidence:

Mr. Vandeveld travelled to Kabul to interview the Afghan security officers who detained and questioned the suspect. The Afghans produced a written confession with Mr. Jawad's thumbprint at the bottom. The only problem was, the confession was in Dari – Mr. Jawad speaks Pashto, and is functionally illiterate

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on here, does it? To anyone with even a modicum of respect for law and due process, this is beyond the pale. For our government to be complicit in such activities is repugnant indeed.


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Maybe a few healthy brain cells too?

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I'm not planning on dying while he could use it.