Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Conservative Totalitarianism

It doesn't matter really whether one is of "left" or "right" leaning persuasion here. The extremes off either end of the political spectrum tend to degenerate into totalitarianism.

What we should be concerned about is how close the right wing political parties in this country are to that totalitarian edge.

Consider the following. In Alberta (where we have had one party rule for rather longer than some 3rd world dictatorships have lasted), we find the government creating a new and more arbitrary form of censorship:

Bill 18 creates a new film czar position with the authority to reclassify films. It also puts new limits on children's attendance at movies.

In addition, the government will be able to hire inspectors who can, without warrant, check out movie houses and video stores and oblige owners to hand over films and any documents associated with the films.

Do you notice the "without warrant" clause in there? In essence, they are allowed to forcibly confiscate product for whatever reason the "inspector" decides that day. There is no due process, no appeals, nothing. In essence, the government has just created its very own media police, and given them a blank cheque.

Then on the Federal scene, we have Stephen Harper's gang busy trying to govern through fear:

The Conservative government will again try to bring in two controversial elements of an anti-terrorism bill that would extend police and judicial powers.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson gave parliamentary notice late Tuesday that he will attempt to bring in the provisions, which could be introduced in the House of Commons as early as Thursday.

The measures would give police the power to make preventive arrests, without a warrant, of anyone suspected of planning a terrorist attack.

They would also require anyone with information relevant to the investigation of a terrorist act to appear before a judge in secret for investigative hearings. Witnesses could go to jail if they don't comply.

Remember these little horrors? They were introduced just after 9/11 - with a sunset clause on them at the time. Fortunately for Canadians, the government of the day never actually used them (demonstrating that they are unnecessary to begin with)

However, the HarperCon$ are bound and determined to continue emulating the Bush II Rethuglicans, and are busy trying to ram unnecessary legislation through the house. Legislation which gives the police and other agencies unreasonable powers of detainment without accountability.

If that sounds like a police state to you, it's because it is.


Anonymous said...

The great old Conservative party sure do attract de weirdos.

I wonder if it wouldn't have been better electing Peter Pocklington as leader?? Someone with good business management skills!

After all, he has figured out how to get the government to pay for his room and board.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the Tories are thinking about naming CRAIG CHANDLER as Alberta's new movie censor.

After all, no innocent child under 14 should be exposed to harmful, anti-Christian, leftist or Liberal ideas such as equality and justice for all. And he's surely put an end to any pictures of two boys holding hands or hugging, or, heaven forbid, KISSING!

It's high time more Christian parents took their sons to watch good old bloody hockey brawl.

STOP THE PANSYFUCATION OF ALBERTA's traditional red necks !

Ya think????

(hope everyone knows the meaning of "sarcasm" LOL)