Sunday, March 01, 2009

You Know Their Politics Are Bankrupt ...

When the only response is to attack the person. It appears that the Harper Conservatives have sunk below bankruptcy when it comes to having actual debates.

Tories say there will be three themes to their attacks: that Mr. Ignatieff is an out-of-touch elitist; that he flip-flops (they will cite his shifting positions on a carbon tax, on coalition with the other opposition parties, and on Israel's 2006 bombing of Lebanon); and that he's a fair-weather Canadian.

Strikes me that when the only tool you can think of involves attacking the person, not the policy or ideas that they represent you've almost hit the Godwin's Law line. Ad hominem attacks are the language of the bankrupt - the Conservatives have run out of policy, they've run out of script, so they turn to slander and innuendo to make political points.

The "talking points" that they want to raise against Ignatieff do not suggest to me a man who is a poor leader, or that is short of ideas. They suggest that the Conservatives are scared. They don't want to face Ignatieff in a fair forum, so they are returning to the gutter politics that they have played before.

It is disappointing, even if it is predictable.


Stephanie said...

Gahh!! Can we please stop this idiotic "flip-flopper" meme? A politician that holds fast to their policies ideas no matter what changes in the situation or what new evidence comes to light is nothing more than a mindless ideologue who refuses to live in the reality-based world.

MgS said...

... nothing more than a mindless ideologue ...

Thank you, Stephanie! I think you've just summarized Harper in six words!

Anonymous said...


Has A Repeating, Phrase Emitting, Recording. (instead of a brain.)