Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So Much For That "Principled Statement"

Remember in 2007, when Stockwell Day said that the government would not seek clemency for Canadians who face the death penalty abroad?

Well, it appears that the judiciary thinks otherwise, and has ordered the government to actually move.

“The decision by the government of Canada to withdraw support for Mr. Smith was made in breach of the duty of fairness, is unlawful and is set aside,” Judge Barnes said. “In the absence of any new clemency policy, I am ordering the government to continue to apply the former policy of supporting clemency on behalf of Canadians facing the death penalty in any foreign state to Mr. Smith.”

He said that it may be open to the government to change its policy on clemency for Canadians facing foreign execution, but that “it is another thing altogether to make specific unfavourable comments about an individual's case for relief which might jeopardize his legal status.”

The evidence that the HarperCon$ just don't get it keeps on rolling in, doesn't it?

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