Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Word For This Is Harrassment

I see that local wingnut Bill Whatcott is at it again.

This time, he's decided that his target of choice if Darren Lund.

Calgary police are investigating a self-described “Christian activist” who’s been distributing flyers showing a local university professor’s face superimposed on a graphic sexual photo.

Darren Lund, an education professor at the University of Calgary, says the material being distributed into Calgary mailboxes is difficult for his family. “My children were quite upset by this particular flyer,” says Lund. “My daughter remarked that this kind of bullying is completely inappropriate in a junior high school setting, but it’s especially unfair coming from an adult.”

Frankly, I don't know what's rattling loose in Whatcott's festering imagination - and I don't really care. No matter how I look at this, Whatcott's behaviour is inappropriate, juvenile and stupid. The man has moved from being an extremist to being a caricature - and in doing so has become a public nuisance.

“I told him I had the right to tell the truth about homosexuality and academic homofascism.”

Whatcott is an extreme, but he is an example of the kind of blind hatred that can be spawned on the basis of misplaced faith and willful ignorance. He's a sorry excuse for a human being - and it's clear that he long ago misunderstood the core messages that scripture has for humanity.


Anonymous said...

Bill Whatcott is an self-admitted former gay prostitute and drug dealer.

Now, under manipulation by the Holy See, he is trying to find salvation for his misdeeds, and he has a couple of priest who are egging him on.

His recent "kill the homosexual" flyer and website posting has received the official stamp of approval by the Harperized CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION.
But, what can you expect when the PMO has been taken over by 'FOCUS ON THE FAMILY" fascists.

I suppose nothing will be done to stop this kind of homophobic hate propaganda until some mentally unstable dude walks into an affirming congregation in Edmonton or Calgary and shoots a half dozen people, just like the nutcase in Tennessee Valley.

It's no wonder that gay men are still routinely attacked and lesbians are gang raped when fanatics claiming to be Christian are allowed to spew their hate propaganda.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how soon it will be before HERITAGE CANADA approves grants and subsidies for Whatcott just like they have done for Catholic Insight!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked why the main stream media won't report on the case where Harper's Heritage Minister is being taken to the Federal court for blocking release of the subsidy and grant documents where hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer's money was funnelled into Catholic Insight to spew homophobic hate propaganda?

Seems Harper thinks that his government is above the law and he can obstruct justice by keeping the public and the Courts in the dark about his back room deals!

See the Federal Court's entry at: